Monday, September 28, 2009

My life as of Sunday, September 27th

Well I went to sing yesterday evening at First Baptist Church of Centralia, but Steve and I rode around in circles before we found it. First of all I thought the church was on Centralia Road and the name of the church was Centralia Baptist Church. Wrong! It was on Kingsdale Road in Centralia. But let me tell you how God works. After riding around, I called 411 and asked for the number for Centralia Baptist Church. I got an answering machine the first time and I am not sure what they said the name of the church was. Called 411 and they gave me a church called Central Baptist Church. By then it was about 2:05 and I am suppose to be at the church by two. Tried to call Rev. Lee on his cell phone but he did not answer. So I called 411 again and asked for the number of Centralia Baptist Church. Guess what? She gave me the number for First Baptist Church of Centralia. One of the Assistant Pastors answered the phone and directed us to the church. My choir was in the loft already and had sang one song. Oh well Better late than never they say. The church was of Jefferson Davis Highway. We took the scenic route home and came back across the river to Bellvedire St. and thru downtown Richmond. We stopped at Lee’s Chicken and got some chicken and took some to Dad’s. We ate and then watched Survivor On Demand. Then we left to go home because we were all napping. Came home and took a nap and watched TV. Went back over Dad’s and played dominoes until Jason came. His Grandfather dropped him off after they left the movies. They had been to see the Bruce Willis movie Surrogate. We stayed over Dad’s for a few minutes and then came home. Watched TV for a bit and then went to bed.

Got up this morning and went to church. Had to sing at both services today. Jason did want to get up for the eight a.m. service so I went without him. Came home after church and helped Jason get ready and then we left for church. This was his first time he had been to church since he had been back from Germany. Got out of church and came home. We changed our clothes to go to the State Fair.

Let me tell you this, there were a LOT of people there. We were in traffic a half and hour before we got to park. The fair was a lot bigger than what it was in Richmond. It is spend out and there was so much to see. Very nice setting. The weather was beautiful. It was definitely expensive there. Thirteen dollars to get in and then nineteen dollars for a wristband for Jason to ride the rides. We went on a wagon ride, watched a duck race, saw a pumpkin that weighed over a thousand pounds, played some games and ate a thing or two. My hip, knees and every other part of my body was aching by the time I got to the car. Stopped at 7-ll to get Jason a slupree and CVS to get some bottle water. Came home and started working on my blog while watching Desperate Housewives. Jason is out of school tomorrow and has choir rehearsal tomorrow so he is spending the night. I am ready to go to bed. Gonna get Jason bathed and then I am taking a shower and hitting the bed.

Oh yes, today was the lst Anniversary of Daynon and Lynette. I can not believe it has been a year already. It seems like it was just yesterday I was running around looking for a pink dress and looking for a gray suit. Their wedding was outdoors and the day started out very shaky. It rained a little and then the sun came out and the day turned beautiful. The wedding and reception was magnificent and it turned out to be a lovely day. I pray for them that the love they felt on that day will always be in their hearts forever and ever. And they have another chapter of their life about start next month and that will be their role as parents. Happy Anniversary Lynette and Daynon!

My life as of Monday, September 28th
Went to work today. Left Jason at home. Checked on him around ten. Steve was home by then. My new supervisor started today. She seems really nice but for the life of me I can not remember her name. Went out to Kroger at lunch time to pick up some things for dinner. Came home and cooked dinner and then took Jason to church. He has choir rehearsal. He now sings in the Youth Choir. He is so excited about that. His rehearsal started at 7:15. We dropped him off and we are at Dad’s now. Watching Tyler Perry’s House of Payne. I have started writing my blog in Word now. That way I can write in it whenever I want and just copy and paste to my blog. Well going to stop writing for now and sit and talk to Dad.

OK, we went to the church to pick up Jason from choir rehearsal. He got out about 8:45. We took him home and then came back home. Too much rush to take him to school in the mornings now. Came home and watched the Young and the Restless. After I publish my blog, I am going to bed.

Be blessed!

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