Sunday, October 11, 2009

If I had ten thousand tongues

When I was young I use to hear people in church say, “if I had ten thousand tongues I could not thank the Lord enough” Didn’t really understand what they were really saying then but I do now. When I was out of work, yeah I got unemployment checks, but it did not compare to what I was making when I was working, I had financial hardships but we never had to sell our house, we didn’t have to sell the car, we never missed a meal we never had to deal with some of the stuff I hear some people in the news have had to deal with because of the economy. And you know what God has kept us well while we have had no insurance. We were able to get our prescription medicines at discounted prices; even the cleaners cleaned my clothes for free. There were so many people who prayed for me at my church and gave me leads or just were concerned for me regarding my joblessness. And when God was ready he sent the job. And you know what? I was too sure about the job at first, but I am beginning to get a feel for it and the people there. So for all that he is done, I can not say thank you enough. If I had ten thousand tongues Lord……..Thank you.

The week went by fast. Friday Steve and I went to Wal-Mart and made groceries and ran into Daddy there. We stayed in the store a long time and left and went to Stuffy’s and went home.

Saturday I was having a POKENO party with friends so I went home and made deviled eggs, garlic dip and a cake. And cleaned the house. Got up early Saturday morning and made my ham rolls and lemonade and we left home about eight and hit the yard sale/estate sale circuit. Bought a few things, nothing too exciting. Got back home around one and finished cleaning and put my meatballs in the crock pot, vacuumed and then took a bubble bath. In the process of getting ready for company, an old school friend, Anncarol Johnson called and said our friend and former school mate Deborah Smith died. I was shocked to hear that. Did not know she was sick. She was going to her Mom's house but b/c I was having company over could not go. I have know Deborah since the first grade. She would be one of the few of us who try and get together every once in a while for dinner. Sorry to hear that she is gone.

Well after the phone call I got back to preparing for my guest and they started getting there about 5:50. Here is the cast of characters who arrived: Thelma Neal ( worked with her at HEALTHSOUTH for 21 years), Pat (my sister-in-law), Priscilla Gray (worked with her for maybe fifteen years at HEALTHSOUTH) and she brought her friend Juiny who is crazy as a bed bug….LOL, Betty Reid (worked with her for twenty one years), Marci Rhodes (Jason’s grandmother), Janice Glover Shelton (worked with her a few years at the hospital) and Dad came by. We ate and sociable until about seven and then we started played. Some were familiar with the game some weren’t so there was a learning curve for some and a refresher for others. We had a great time and everyone had fun. We played for nickels. Betty, Priscilla and Juiny were the big winners. We stopped playing about eight thirty and then we ate ice cream and cake. Everyone left about nine thirty or so. Boy it was a long day for me, I was tired by the end of the day.

Today we had to sing at 8 and ll and then I have to sing at three also. Pastor had a good message today. It was about the woman with the issue of blood and how when Jesus asked who touched him she came forward. He talked about how she was afraid but because of her faith she stepped forward. He said there are "under cover christians" and they are people who are saved and love the Lord but are afraid to tell others about. They are afraid to serve the Lord and tell people of his goodness and all he has done for them. I use to be one of those "under cover Christians" but not anymore. God has been so good to me that I have to tell it. I never use to get up and testify but I do now. In bible study, choir rehearsal or in normal conversation with someone. I am not going to let the rocks cry out for me. If you are under cover Christians, throw those covers off and come and let the world know that God is good..all the time...And all the time God is good. Ok back to my activities today. We are having Deacon/Deaconess Ordination Service today. This has been a long day. Didn’t have to cook we ate leftovers from last night. Have to be to church in less than thirty minutes for the third service, so I guess I will have to pick up on the blog later.

What a long day..........three church services....that was a killer. Stayed awake for all but was close to dozing off during one of the services. The Ordination service was over two hours long but we made it thru. The choir was dog tired by the end. Left church and went home and picked Steve up. Stop at Dad's to see if he wanted to ride with us to Uncle Doc's. He said he was going tomorrow. So we went to see Uncle Doc. Had not seen him since he came from the hospital. He and Angela were sitting in the yard. Shante' was walking the track at the playground next door and Aunt Mary had gone to St. Peter's with Anthony. We sat out in the yard and talked for a while but it was getting cool so we went in. Uncle Doc looked well. Stevie called while we were there and asked me were we still at Uncle Doc's. Was wondering how he knew we were there but found out Angela had updated her Facebook and said we were there. I laughed and told Angela good thing I'm not hiding out from anyone because....LOL. We left there about seven and then visited with Dad until about 8:45. Came home and watched Desperate Housewives.

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